Stellar Fox


Help this tiny white fox reach the stars


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Stellar Fox is a puzzle game that entrusts you with the fun job of helping out a little white fox reach the vortex in each level. To do it you have to use stardust to draw bridges and walkways through the settings since your furry little friend only knows how to roll.

The gameplay in Stellar Fox is really quite simple: by tapping the Play button the white fox will start to roll, following the laws of gravity. You must use the stardust available in each level to draw paths that will take your friend to the vortex. Keep in mind that there is dust in various colors and each has different effects!

Stellar Fox has 5 different chapters with almost 20 levels each. You must pass each level, preferably with 3 stars each, to unlock the different chapters.

Stellar Fox has a simple but super fun gameplay plus amazing visuals. This game should keep you entertained for a good long while with its enormous number of levels that will keep increasing with future updates.

Android 4.1 or greater is required.

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